Installation of Industrial Equipment

Installation of Industrial Equipment
At today’s world, progress of key industries of economy goes at enormous pace. The emphasis is placed to the same extent, both on construction of new plants, and upgrade and expansion already operating.

Scale and pace of upgrade and expansion of the enterprises, and factories of deep oil refining and the enterprises of the chemical industry, are enormous and at the same time complex.

We make it our mission to understand our clients’ businesses as well as they do. We focus our legal expertise and experience on “seeing the big picture” while getting the details, overcoming obstacles without complicating the issues, and getting the deal done with efficiency and professionalism.
Our lawyers have represented a client in numerous work construction contracts, including contracts for installation of large-capacity equipment for the largest oil and gas company, construction and installation work on modernization of an industrial power boiler and replacement of a synthesis column and catalyst at the leader in the production of phosphate fertilizers, installation of large-capacity equipment for a large pulp and paper plant, construction and installation works for a refinery, construction and installation works for a largest petrochemical company producing synthetic rubbers and plastics, installation of large-tonnage equipment at Amursky GPP, installation of large-capacity equipment for a large oil company.
What We Do
  • Representing and advising both Russian and international clients.
  • Advising clients on construction related legislation.
  • Representing and advising clients, contractors and subcontractors on the full spectrum of oversized industrial equipment installation/dismantling contracts, including drafting, negotiating, reviewing, and amending contracts (sub-contracts).
  • Helping our clients in drafting and negotiating insurance policy, covering construction object damage, construction and installation risks, materials and equipment loss or damage, civil liability to third parties for life, health or property damage.
  • Helping in drafting and negotiating required guaranties, including advance payment refund guaranty, guaranty on proper performance of contractual obligations, and proper performance during the warranty terms.
  • Providing counsel to our clients on all aspects of transaction, including, inter alia, a site transfer term and procedure, required permits, subcontracting terms, transportation issues, materials and equipment supply, electricity and heating access, timeframe variations, work delivery and payment terms, price variation , standby terms, warranty, liability for breach of contract.
  • Representing clients in pre-trial disputes.
  • Assisting our clients in drafting and negotiating contracts in Russian and English.