The moment a client calls us for help with a business dispute or litigation, we focus on our client’s goal.
We understand that sometimes the wisest course of action is to keep a dispute from escalating into a courtroom showdown; whereas other times, a smart, innovative argument sways a judge or persuades an adversary that there is no choice but to settle.
When a negotiated resolution cannot be achieved, our early intervention and inventiveness strengthens our ability to vigorously litigate the dispute to a successful conclusion.
Our lawyers are experienced in resolving disputes by means of litigation and out-of-court settlements, in representing clients in courts of general jurisdiction and in state and commercial arbitration courts, in preparing court documentation, including, inter alia, court claims, objections, appeals, and petitions in regard to court decisions that came into force.
What We Do
  • Representing our clients in the state courts of general jurisdiction and state arbitration courts of any level, and in commercial arbitration courts worldwide.
  • Advising clients on pros and cons of litigation and out-of-court settlement matters.
  • Consulting and helping clients in drafting dispute settlement terms.
  • Assisting clients in collecting court evidence.
  • Helping clients in drafting court claims, objections to claims, applications, petitions and any other required documentation.
  • Consulting and assisting clients in drafting appeals as well as petitions regarding court decisions that came into force.
  • Assisting clients in enforcement of international arbitral awards.